A landscape to discover and experience…

You're invited to explore our oasis of pure water and forests and discover:

1,502 km² of exceptional wilderness!
More than 400 crystal clear lakes and a half dozen raging rivers!
Lodging and camping in a picturesque environment!
A magnificent playground for hunters, anglers, hikers, sea kayakers and canoe campers…!
Discover the ZEC Dumoine in pictures with our photo album!

The new ZEC Dumoine logo:

Technical Explanations:

The trillium erectum is a spring plant that grows abundantly in healthy maple forests. A symbol of richness, as its name indicates, it is composed of three petals that we have adapted as follows:

One petal depicts a drop of crystal blue water to symbolize our lakes and waterways.
One petal depicts a pheasant wing to symbolize all of our fauna.
One petal depicts a yellow birch leaf, the essence of the rich nature of our forest habitat.

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