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Recreational and Tourist development

Wildlife projects

Recreational and Tourist Development:

Since 2003

Official opening of the Dumoine Trail
This long distance hiking trail (24 km) follows the old wagon trail built to link the forest farms that supplied the big lumber camps of the past century. It is here that the most enchanting landscapes in the ZEC are found along with two shelters and wilderness camping sites. The trail that was affected by the big wind storm on July 17th 2006 will be reopened during the 2012 season.

Three new short Hiking Trails
Three short hiking trails (5 km in all) will be recut in the ZEC. These family trails are: La forêt des grands, Autour de l'île, and La chute à Mill.

Establishment of a Canoe-Camping Route
This natural route offers canoeists the possibility to discover three large crystal-clear lakes and many unique ecosystems.

Recreational supply purchasing
A tandem trailer to transport boats, three canoes and three sea kayaks have been added to our supply of equipment.

Diggging of a well
This well provides drinking water the registration area Grande-Chute registration, the community service area, the outside installations (client recreational greeting area, drinking fountain, etc.) and to future projects (Archeo-Eco-Historical Interpretation Centre).

Community service building
A new building was built in 2002-2003 four our registration area. A building is now in process and will include a storage area for the recreational material (sea kayaks, canoes, etc.) and an office designated to our future partners in tourist adventure exploitation on the zec territory.


Archeo-Eco-Historical Interpretation Centre
Construction of an interpretation centre to explain the history, archeology, and natural features of the zec.


Wildlife Projects

2001-2002-2003 Achievements

Ecological study on amphibians and turtles in ZEC Dumoine
In summer 2002, a research study was undertaken to determine and document the species of turtles and frogs present in the area. The goal of this first study phase is to offer observational and interpretive opportunities to our visitors in the years to come. .

Re-establishment of the brook trout population in Lac West, Arc-en-ciel and Spring
Our careful actions in those lakes have proven successful! The projects involved restocking a natural brook trout population in the lakes, which were invaded by undesirable species. Fishing will therefore be prohibited over the next few years while we re-introduce the species. Be alert and help us protect this valuable investment that will pay off very soon! Be sure to let us know about anything out of the ordinary concerning this lake or anyone fishing there.

Development of brook trout spawning areas
Another 2 artificial spawning areas have been developed, this time on lakes Courtney and Jackson. The goal of this project is to increase creel limits and fishing-days.

Brook trout stocking in 2010
This year, we carried out a brook trout stocking program. Here is a detailed list of stocked lakes.

Name of the lake
Lake Mill
Lake Whiskey
Lake Gervais
Lake Jackson
Lake Hank’s Pond
Lake Second
Lake Camp
Lake Du Moineau
Lake Chaîne 3



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